American Made

Teton Glacier® Vodka is sourced from the wellspring of high‑mountain glacial water and blended with spirits distilled from volcanic soil‑grown American potatoes.

Distillation Process

Teton Glacier® is distilled using a four column distillation process with farm to bottle in mind and all of our ingredients are sourced from the great state of Idaho to ensure the highest quality vodka possible.


Potatoes are milled into small pieces and placed in the fermentation tank with hot water to break down the starch into simple sugars. The mixture is cooled, and yeast is added to start the fermentation process of converting the sugars in a “potato beer” or "mash."


The “potato beer” is heated up in the distillation process, and the alcohol is separated from the yeast and clarified or distilled in column stills. It is concentrated to 195 proof.


The 195 proof alcohol is then filtered through crystal and charcoal to strip out all of the remaining impurities.


Finally the vodka is blended with high-mountain glacial water and bottled at 80 proof.


Gluten Free

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